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About Us

Fiske Video Productions has been in business for thirty years. Our core business is creating and producing documentaries, broadcast television shows, corporate communications, and distributing programs for our clients. We’re part advertising agency, and production company…a perfect solution for cost conscientious producers.

We are also event producers, organizing seminars, public speakers, community events, musical or entertainment programs coordinating all logistics in large or small venues.

We conduct interviews and produce local cable television programs in house. We have state of the art camera equipment, lights, audio gear and all the facilities for recording and editing rehearsals or auditions for you or your children.

We also transfer media to CD or DVD. We can also store them on a portable hard drive. You can bring that box of VHS, mini-DV, or 8mm videotapes and 8mm and super 8mm films that are really valuable and sentimental and transfer them to view or store on any contemporary format. Maybe you have old company or foundation videos in ¾ inch U-matic, or Beta Cam SP? Do you have boxes of old photos or slides that you need to back-up? LP records or audio cassettes that you are dying to listen to again or archive? We really like trying to solve your hardest technical transfer challenge! We’ll transfer it so you can see it, or hear it, or store it in up-dated systems.

Do you want to produce a wedding video? We can shoot it or edit an existing ceremony you shot into a nice tribute? We can help you organize and choose the right formula, developing a personal birthday, anniversary or memorial media production for you or an upcoming event.


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